Hey Mr. How Is My Alignment

March 17, 2016 1 Comment

How is my alignment? Good question, however I’m not a Chiropractor or a physician, and that ladies and gentlemen is the only individual who can offer a medical opinion on spinal alignment. This particular topic comes up on a regular basis when customers visit our showroom in Oakville, Ontario and our flagship Sleep Spa in St. Albert, Alberta.

We are a specialty retailer focusing on mattresses and adjustable beds that are meant to provide proper alignment or can be adjusted but We Are Not giving a medical opinion. We are simply stating our products can adjust to your body as individual needs change over time. 

I have heard it all, from taking a picture of your spine while you rest on a mattress, to taking your two index fingers and measuring the thoracic, lumbar, and cervical regions of the spine  My personal favorite is an app that selects a mattress  by asking each person to select their predominant sleeping position, weight, age, and other characteristics. Gimmicks have been in the mattress industry for many years and are not going away any time soon.

Whether it is a number, a picture, the latest mobile/tablet app, or an alternative medicine opinion on your alignment and sleeping posture, it is important to remember that there is no exact science to a healthy and comfortable night’s sleep . Some people believe all you need a mattress to do is relieve pressure, breathe, and give you proper alignment. (This is a common opening sales pitch for instance). Seek advice from a physician should you be concerned about your alignment or any spine issues.

Let’s keep the gimmicks out of the equation for a second. There are many factors to finding the right bed for you. Here are our 3 main factors but each one has many layers, we call it the 3 SSS’s and no, they don’t stand for certain mattress manufacturers.

Superior Materials (Organic Latex, High End Coils and Micro Coils, High Density Natural Latex and Foams). Materials that maintain firmness, elasticity, and consistency have a greater chance of success in providing the desired support, pressure relief, and ergonomics needed for relaxation, rest, and a deep, restorative night’s sleep.

Self Adjusting. An Electric Adjustable Bed, Power Base, or Adjustable Foundation is one of the easiest ways to adjust your body to correct ergonomics and help with your desired alignment.

Comfort layers within the bed that can be adjusted within 4 months or over the lifetime of your mattress or sleep system can also help in the adjustment when needed, as comfort plays a huge role in the quality of your sleep.

Sleep Environment. Heat build up, humidity, electronic and other stimulating devices in a bedroom can contribute to a poor night’s sleep no matter the mattress you sleep on. Your preferred bed linens, duvet or comforter, and pillow can also impact comfort, alignment, and temperature imbalance can negatively impact your overall health with regards to sleep.

Are we experts? We have expertise in the products we carry.  As a company with one of the largest adjustable bed selections in Canada, our carefully curated choices are certain to fit into any specific need or budget. To go along with our power bases we have a unique selection of pocket coil, latex, and certified organic mattresses where comfort and firmness can 

Our owners come from diverse mattress retail and medical backgrounds.  Our combined 40 years experience comes from our time in the nursing profession, selling adjustable beds, traditional mattresses, certified organic, and specialized natural and organic sleep systems.

Our best advice is based on our customers feedback because we learn far more by listening and empathizing on their situation. No sales pressure at any time(No commissioned sales staff in any of our stores) when you visit us. We always encourage our customers to share their experiences which is evident in all of our reviews on google, on our website, and many other platforms because learning form each other is how we continue to adapt and evolve our business and products to better serve you !






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Les & Bessie Beasley
Les & Bessie Beasley

June 21, 2018

Dave thank you so so much for the coils, i’d Rather sleep on our organic mattress rather than snow bed in an igloo. Love shopping in your store, you are so helpful. Thanks again be shopping in the future.
Les and Bessie

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