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Genuine Eiderdown Duvets

Genuine Eiderdown Duvets White Sale in Canada Starts Now!



Genuine Eiderdown Duvets White Sale in Canada Starts Now!



Genuine Eiderdown Duvets are the finest duvets in the world. Our Genuine Eiderdown Duvets are called the St. Julien.

Our luxurious genuine eiderdown duvets are filled with 700+ loft down from the down of a baby Eiderduck. This down is only picked from the nest when the baby eiderduck leaves the nest. This is 100% Organic, hand picked and done is eiderduck sancutuaries in Northern Canada.

We are proud to sell this Genuine Eiderdown Duvets in our company. We are the experts in this luxurious genuine Eiderdown Duvet in Canada and a simple call to our stores with our experts you will know why!

Genuine Eiderdown Duvets comes with a serial number and the signature of the person who made this beautiful genuine eiderdown duvet. An Heirloom piece for sure.

Facts about Genuine Eiderdown Duvets pricing. Some retailers sell the Genuine Eiderdown Duvet at pricices that are more than $500 more than our normal pricing. Take advantage of our sale price and save even more money. 


Features a 12" genuine baffle box design, and is covered in a luxuriously soft 100% Cotton Sateen shell, made in Italy. Genuine Eiderdown down duvets are hypoallergenic, anti microbial, and are made in Canada.     


  • 700+ Loft Genuine Eiderdown.
  • 500 Thread Count 100% Cotton Satin Shell.
  • 100% Cotton Sateen Shell, woven in Italy is dust mite and down proof, expertly spun and woven in Italy
  • Genuine 12" Baffle Box Design.
  • Available in Summer and Classic Weights, Winter Weight available upon request
  • Certification from Feather Industries for Authenticity
  • Downmark Certified for Authenticity.  
  • Made in Canada
  • Genine Eiderdown Duvet is 100% Labratory tested and serialed. 



We will ship this Genuine Eiderdown Duvet anywhere in the world overnight, signature service at no charge to you. This is the best way to ship our genuine eider duvet to you.