RV Queen Mattresses

RV Queen and Queen Short Mattresses

We feature high quality RV Queen mattresses in two desirable pocket coil designs. Recreational travelling with your RV, Fifth Wheel, or camping trailer should never mean you should have to compromise a good night's sleep. 

Comfort Pockets

Comfort Pockets® are a uniquely designed coil sleep system engineered to eliminate motion transfer. A heavier guage is positioned in the middle third of the mattress in order to provide support where it is most needed. The RV Mattress is then foam incased 360˚ around the border to prevent roll out and extends the life of the mattress. The overall design of Springwall's Comfort Pockets® provides a consistent, durable, and comfortable sleep suraface that ensures a good night's sleep is not compromised when using your RV or Camping with your recreational vehicle.