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The Serta iComfort® Directions Acumen Firm is the ultimate combination of extra firm support with deep lying pressure relief. Covered in a Cooling cover made from Tencel fibers which are known to absorb up to 50% more effective than regular cotton providing a better temperature regulation for a healthier night's sleep. The Cool Action™ Dual Effects® Gel Memory Foam provides heat dissipation and additional support where you body needs it providing proper alignment, pressure relief and comfort. The iComfort Directions Accumen is also available in a Plush version, also as is the case with all Serta models every mattress is adjustable bed friendly. The ultimate in ergonomic comfort and a healthier night's sleep awaits you. Call us toll free to discuss the best sleep solution for you, our experienced sleep experts are here to assist you.  

    • Thermo° Cool™ Yarn Fabric made from Tencel® Fibers
    • Cool Action™ Dual Effects® Gel Memory Foam
    • Serta® Support Foam
    • Pods™ Gel-Activated Support
    • Comfort Last® Foam Core with Ultimate Edge® Support

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