Magniflex Magnigel Wave Pillow

Magniflex Pillows

The Magnigel Wave Pillow by Magniflex is one of the best and most comfortable contour neck pillows available that provides the best overall support, comfort, and correct alignment reducing the pressure off your spine. Magniflex produces some of the most breathable pillows covered in the very best temperature regulating fabrics ensuring you of a hypoallergenic night's sleep and free of tossing and turning from thermal imbalance.

This asymmetrically designed double wave pillow is ergonomically designed providing support for the neck while relaxing the muscles and tendons. The Magniflex Magnigel Wave pillow is highly breathable and is ideal for sleepers entirely on their back, side, or positioning between both throughout the night. 


Magnigel Pillows

Magnigel by Magniflex Pillows are made from their innovative gel material that is highly breathable, flexible, and soft providing ideal comfort, temperature regulation, heat dissapation, and ergonomic alignment. All Magniflex Magnigel Pillows are covered in a viscose fabric pillow cover that is completely washable, this soft pillow cover provides a cool and soft surface allowing each sleeper to relax and sleep more comfortably.


Magniflex Magnigel Pillow Details

  • Viscose Pillow Cover
  • Cover is machine washable
  • Pillow is one size (23 5/8" x 16 7/8" with one height at 3 7/8" while the other is 4 3/8"
  • Made in Italy
  • Oeko Tex Certification, ensuring Magniflex products are certification ensures that our products are free from toxic substances or any substance that is harmful to humans and the environment.
  • Free Delivery Across Canada
  • On Hand inventory for quick and easy delivery.


Shipping and Availability 

The Magniflex Magnigel Wave contour neck pillows are typically in stock, generally arriving within 3-7 business day. Shipping and handling are included at no additional charge.